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maintained by Frank Bergmann

Bifurcation Discovery Tool

The Bifurcation Discovery Tool uses a genetic algorithm to search for Hopf bifurcations, turning points, and bistable switches. The user can select parameters to be searched, admissible parameter ranges, and the nature of the bifurcation to be sought. The tool returns parameter values for the model for which the particular behavior is observed.



The Bifurcation Discovery Tool is NOT installed with SBW. It can be downloaded from

The Bifurcation Discovery Tool is fully supported on Windows and Linux, and partially supported on Mac OS X.

Installing on Windows 2000

Documentation & Help

Bifurcation Discovery Tool User's Guide and Tutorials

The models mentioned in the documentation can be downloaded from here.

Bifurcation Discovery Tool Models for Tutorial


Chickarmane V, Paladugu SR, Bergmann F, Sauro HM.Bifurcation discovery tool. Bioinformatics. 2005 Sep 15;21(18):3688-90.

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