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maintained by Frank Bergmann


Copasi is a software application for simulation and analysis of biochemical networks. It has significant capabilities for parameter estimation. With the release of the open source version of Copasi, it is possible to make Copasi SBW enabled. This means it is possible for example to move directly from tools such as celldesigner, JDesigner or JarnacLite to Copasi. Moreover it is also possible to move models from Copasi to any other SBW enabled tool, for example Oscill8.


We developed an experimental version of Copasi, that is SBW enabled. This allows us to send SBML models via the SBW Menu to Copasi, and to take the currently active model from Copasi to another SBW enabled application. This small extension has been very useful for us. Of course the Copasi license applies, a test version can be found here:

Copasi Dev. 4.0.19 (SBW enabled)

Copasi 4.2 (Release 22) (SBW enabled)

Copasi 4.4 (Release 26) (SBW enabled, for Win32)

Copasi 4.4 (Release 26) (SBW enabled, for OSX (intel) Leopard)

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