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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

How to use the SBW Matlab bindings with newer Matlab versions

For the Matlab bindings to work properly, please make sure that you installed the bindings from:


This version will work with the newest release of SBW. If you run a command and see error messages such as:

> sbwconnect
Warning: Function call sbwconnect invokes C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2006a\toolbox\sbw\sbwconnect.m,
 however, function C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2006a\toolbox\sbw\sbwconnect.DLL
 that differs only in case precedes it on the path.

This is because Mathworks changed the way the help system works. In your toolbox\sbw directory you will find *.m and *.dll files. The Matlab file contains the help to the corresponding dll. This causes a problem with Matlab versions > 6.5. For now I would recommend that you move the Matlab files away from the folder.

Frank Bergmann 2006/11/21 14:58


Here Questions about SBW that we answer frequently. Should your question remain unanswered. You can either consult our Forum or let me know directly:


  1. How do I use JDesigner?

welcome » sbw » jdesigner » faq

  1. How do I use Jarnac?
  2. I just installed SBW on Linux / OS X … now I can't find JDesigner or Jarnac. Where are they installed?
    • Unfortunately JDesigner and Jarnac are not yet available for operating systems other than Windows. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. During the installation the NOM Module seems to crash, what to do about it?
    • We are working on that problem. For now here a quick solution:
      • Open the Command line “Start\Run” and there type cmd
      • Change to the SBW directory: cd \Program Files\KGI\SBW\bin
      • Type NOMModule -sbwregister
  4. Will SBW run on win64?

As of now we have not compiled binaries for Win64 machines, mostly because we don't have access to a Win64 machine. However, SBW will probably run on Win64, but will be probably use the 32 bit subsystem, and thus not provide the best speed that could be achieved on such machines.

sbw/faq.txt · Last modified: 2007/08/29 11:49 by hsauro

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