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JDesigner FAQ

1. How do a copy a graph to Power Point?

- Run a simulation to obtain a graph.

- Notice the buttons at the top of the graph panel, click the button which has a ruler and right angle triangle image - it is seventh button from the left or third from the right.

- In the editor window that appears, click on the export tab at the top of the window (5th from the right).

- In the export window select the format (I would select bitmap for powerpoint), change the resolution if you need to and click on the copy button. This will copy the graph into the clipboard.

- In powerpoint, click on paste.

2. What operators and functions can I use in rate laws and assignment rules?

- List of supported operators and functions for writing rate laws and assignment rules:

- Operators

- +, -, /, *, ^ (power), (, )

- Functions

- sin, cos, tan, exp, log (base 10), ln (base e), sqr (x2), sqrt, fact (factorial), arcsin, arccos, arctan, sinh, cosh, tanh, arcsinh, arccosh, arctanh, abs, pow, piecewise, gt

- Also included is the implicit variable 'time'.

- piecewise take three arguments

- gt takes two arguments

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