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SBML Support (NOM)

SBML is a popular way to exchange computational models between tools. However, SBML is not a simple format to read. Given the frequency that SBML is read by simulation tools, SBW provides a module (NOM - network object model - based on Ben Bornsteins libSBML) that allows developers to easily incorporate SBML support into their own tools by providing an easy to use API. It also provides an easy means to move between infix (standard format in all simulators) and MathML (the standard format in SBML)

The figure below shows a screenshot from the SBW Inspector which shows some of the methods in the API.



The SBML Support module is installed with SBW. For more information see the SBW installation page.

The SBML Support module is fully supported on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Documentation & Help

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