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Structural Analysis Tool

See much more information on Conservation Analysis

Conservation analysis can be carried out using the Structural Analysis module in SBW (edu.kgi.StructAnalysis) that provides the functionality to identify conserved cycles in a biochemical network. This is done by analyzing the stoichiometry matrix (N) for dependencies. The module generates the Link-zero (L0) matrix using the Householder QR method. Subsequently other entities of interest such as the NR and N0 matrices as well as the conservation laws can be built from L0 matrix. The Structural Analysis module has been tested on small models as well as large models.

The module can be used through a graphical interface or through a programming interface.



The Structural Analysis module is installed with SBW. For more information see the SBW installation page.

The Structural Analysis module is fully supported on Windows and Linux, and partially supported on Mac OS X.

Documentation & Help


Vallabhajosyula, R.R., Chickarmane, V. and Sauro, H.M. (2006) Conservation analysis of large biochemical networks. Bioinformatics, 22(3), pp.346-353.

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