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Lab Members

Group Meetings

The Sauro Lab meets regularly for group meetings. Since we have grown in size, they are split up into three focus groups. Have a look at the detailed schedule.

We also meet regularly for the synthetic biology journal club.

Current Members

Group Leader

Herbert M. Sauro
website | email:

Group Leader


Kyung Hyuk Kim
website |

Post-doc: Noise control and modularity in synthetic gene circuits
Sean Sleight
website | email:

Post-doc: Synthetic Biology and Evolution

Staff Scientists

Ryan Roper
website | email:

Research Associate: Computational Systems Biology development
Lucian Smith
website | email:

Research Consultant: Modularity in modeling languages


Frank T. Bergmann
website | email

Development of a 3D reaction-diffusion simulator and Systems Biology Workbench Developer. Primary developer of SBW.

Graduate Students

Deepak Chandran
website | email

PhD Candidate: Network Evolution, Modularity in Biological Systems, CAD for Synthetic Biology, Standards for Synthetic Biology. Developing TinkerCell
Wilbert Copeland
website | email

Graduate Student: modularity in synthetic biology.
Michal Galdzicki
website | email

Graduate Student: Synthetic Biology Informatics
Bryan Bartley
website | email:

Research Associate: Experimental Synthetic Biology
Timo Maarleveld
website | email:

Visiting Graduate: Optimal Protein Distribution in Pathways

Undergraduate Students

Anastasia Deckard
website | email

Student: Network Evolution Project
Jane Lieviant
website | email

Preengineering Undergrad: Experimental techniques in Synthetic Biology.

Past Members

Alec Nielsen
website | email

Bioengineering Undergrad: Standardization of ribosome binding sites for Synthetic Biology.
Alex Bratt
website | email

Bioengineering undergrad: Image processing and simulated reaction networks.
Austin Day
website | email

Graduate Student: Computational and Experimental Synthetic Biology.
Song Yang
website | email

Post-doc: Cellular network modularity and design
Frank T. Bergmann
website | email

Development of a 3D reaction-diffusion simulator and Systems Biology Workbench Developer. Primary developer of SBW.
Michael Allain
website | email

Student: Website maintenance and development of software tutorials.
Sri Paladugu
website | email

Graduate Student: Systems Biology Workbench Developer. Evolution of signaling networks.
V. Ravi Rao
website | email

Postdoc: Modeling Large Prokaryotic Systems. Developing software capable of modeling large systems.
Vijay Chickarmane
website | email

Senior Postdoc: BioSPICE Project member. Responsible for developing the SBW/BioSPICE Optimization Modules and the study of regulatory motifs.
Abhishek Agrawal
website | email

Graduate: Model Database Project
Harish Dharuri
website | email

Research Assistant: Senior Model Curator working on the repository.
Melissa McCormick website | email

REU Student: Network Evolution Project, evolution of oscillatory networks
Darren Roblyer
website | email

REU Student: Use of Analog Computing to simulate biological signaling networks.
Cameron Wellock
website | email

DARPA Project. Responsible for the development of the OAA-SBW bridge, the SBW-Matlab Interface and Dashboard interfacing.
Klaus Maier
website | email

Student: Developing software for Gillespie and Langevin simulations in cellular networks. Implementing software to carry out Frequency Analysis on cellular networks. Studying how networks respond to different frequency inputs, how noise is transmitted through networks.
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