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What is SCAMP? SCAMP is a general purpose simulator of metabolic and chemical networks. It is based around a simple metabolic language. The version of SCAMP available here is the PC version. Other versions may be available at other sites. The PC executable is a full 32-bit application that can be run from Windows or the DOS command line. A manual in LaTex format is also available here. Other text formats (e.g. Postscript) may be available at other sites.

SCAMP's primary function is to enable users to carry out metabolic control analysis calculations, such as computing control coefficients and elasticities. A summary of features include:

  • Specify reactions using natural biochemical notation, virtually any reaction mechanism can be specified in this manner.
  • Use your own rates laws or use the predefined rate laws.
  • Enter differential equations directly rather than using reaction mechanisms, i.e use SCAMP as a differential equation solver.
  • No program limit to size of model, i.e. number of metabolites, reactions etc.
  • Metabolite species may have non-unit volume spaces.
  • Possible analyses: time simulation, steady-state and continuation (multi-steady state analysis)
  • Conserved cycle analysis including auto-reduction of model dimensionality and mass parameters made available to user automatically.
  • Compute elasticities and control coefficients with respect to any variable and any parameters. Evaluation either by modulation or Reder analysis.
  • Internal Jacobian and elasticities can be computed numerically or by exact symbolic differentiation.
  • Supports forcing functions which allows user to precisely control models' environment.
  • Full monitoring and if/then controls within language
  • All relevant model indices available to user, e.g. fluxes, rates of change….
  • Large selection of built-in numerical methods which can be called up by user to make SCAMP adaptable to most problems
  • Its free….full sources are available upon request
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