Computational Systems Biology
Sauro Lab
University of Washington
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Software Downloads:

1. SBW
2. JDesigner
3. Jarnac
5. Matlab Interface
6. Optimization
6. Bifurcation
maintained by Frank Bergmann

SBW Installation

Modules and Supported Platforms

Module Windows Mac OS X Linux
roadRunner (Simulator) F F F
AutoLayout (Service/GUI) F/F F/P F/F
SimDriver (Simulator GUI) F P F
StructAnalysis Tool F P F
Bifurcation Discovery Tool F P F
Jarnac F N N
JarnacLite F P F
SBML Translators F F F
3D Tool F F F
JDesigner F N N
SBML Support F F F
SBML Layout F F F
Inspector F P F

F = Fully Supported P = Partially Supported N = Not Supported

Installing SBW

For detailed directions on installing SBW on Windows, Mac, and Linux, please visit:

SBW Installation Info on SourceForge

Installation FAQ

For more information on SBW installation, visit the SBW Installation FAQ.

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