Computational Systems Biology
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University of Washington
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maintained by Frank Bergmann

Group Meetings Schedule

At the group meetings each week there will be a dedicated discussion from one of the focus groups. Each group should self-organize and arrange a meeting when it is their turn. Discussion topics should include work accomplished or currently underway. The focus group may also mention any interesting or relevant papers related to the focus group and bring up topics of general interest to the focus group.

The Sauro Group meets every Thursday at 9am in N403

Past Meetings Schedule

below info for schedule until sept 2010 We meet every Thursday at 3.30pm in N303.

Group Members are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  1. Computational Group
    • Frank Bergmann
    • Alex Bratt
    • Deepak Chandran
    • Lucian Smith
    • Ryan Roper
  2. Experimental Group
    • Bryan Bartley
    • Wilbert Copland
    • Austin Day
    • Alec Nielsen
    • Sean Sleight
  3. Theory Group
    • Alex Bratt
    • Deepak Chandran
    • Kyung Kim
    • Song Yang

Group Meeting Schedule for each Group:

Computational Experimental Theory
May 27th X
Jun 3rd Cancelled
Jun 10th X
Jun 17th X
Jun 24th X
Jul 1st X
Jul 8th X
Computational Experimental Theory
May 8th X
May 14th X
May 21st Herbert Out
May 28th X
Jun 4th X
Jun 11th X
Jul 18th X
Jun 25th X
Jul 2nd X
Jul 9th X
Jul 16th X
Jul 23rd X
Jul 30th X
Aug 6th X
Aug 13th X
Aug 20th X
Aug 27th X
Sep 3th X
Sep 10th X
Sep 17th X
Sep 24th X
Oct 1th X
Oct 8th X
Oct 15th X
Oct 22rd Canceled
Oct 29th X
Nov 5th X
Nov 12th X
Nov 19th X
Nov 26th X
Dec 3rd X
Dec 10rd X
Dec 17rd X
Jan 7th X
Jan 14th Cancelled
Jan 21st X
Jan 28th X
Feb 4th X
Feb 11th X
Feb 18th X
Feb 25th X
Mar 4th X
Mar 11th X
Mar 18th X
Mar 25th X
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