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maintained by Frank Bergmann

JDesigner: A Biochemical Network Layout Tool

Program Downloads


JDesigner Tutorial (PDF)

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JDesigner is a Win32 application which allows one to draw a biochemical network and export the network in the form of SBML. The Designer has an SBW interface that allows it to be called from other SBW compliant modules, for example Python. In addition, JDesigner has the ability to use Jarnac as a simulation server (via SBW) thus allowing models to be run from within JDesigner. In this mode JDesigner is both a network design tool and simulator. Full binaries and source code is available in the download.

JDesigner is an Open Source Project distributed under the LGPL license.

Development of JDesigner was supported by the Kitano ERATO project at Caltech and more recently by the Keck Graduate Institute.

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